Maple & Paws is a pet goods and accessories brand, based in Southern California, and inspired by our sunshine, Maple. We are a mother and daughter duo designing, creating, carefully crafting and shipping our goods made with love to you and your pups. Our designs are made with your pup's comfort, functionality, and inclusivity in mind, and with Maple in our hearts.

The earliest seeds of Maple & Paws were planted when our Maple entered her senior years. We transitioned her to wet and soft food, and her long, beautiful ears always collected food and got wet. We tried to find ways to keep her hair back and discovered snoods. Most of the headbands we found online however were knit/wool, which were too hot, or more ornamental than functional, a common theme we discovered with a lot of dog accessories. We always wanted to do better for her, to create something for her that would fit just right.

Maple crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019, at the age of 13. In her lifetime with us, Maple never ceased to amaze us with her capacity to welcome new pups into her home with warmth and patience, and always finding ways to have her fun along the way. Our mei-triarch, as we lovingly called her, shared this tender & trouble-seeking/trouble-making approach to life with her family around her, and we find this energy around us still. Not a day goes by where we don't miss her - her little morning kisses, her bright eyes when she strolled around her neighborhood, her happy wiggles when we came home, her lost socks, and her many, many attempts to escape from the vet with her grandpa in tow. The memories make us laugh, cry, and ache for her.

Just under 2 years later, we have started Maple & Paws, with a mission to make pet products that are breathable, functional, and suitable for seniors too. This is reflected from our fabric choices to the product designs themselves. Our logo was designed from this photo of our special girl – with the deeply furrowed brows, the little freckle on her nose, and the sweetest expression. Beyond being our earliest muse, Maple was most importantly our greatest love, and we hope to channel her spirit in everything we share with you.

Our products are handmade with care in Southern California. We work with other local family-owned businesses to bring our designs to life.

  • Handmade with care in the USA
  • Designed with comfort in mind & Maple in our hearts
  • A % of every order is donated to The Cavalier Rescue's Violet Fund to support Cavaliers in hospice.
  • Free Shipping in the Domestic US 

Thank you for supporting our small business and for sharing this journey with us.

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